"Fast, brutal and so much fun!"

Jim Smale - Gurt Lush Gaming

Friendship Club is a bullet-hell party game currently available on PC, Mac & Linux.

Gather your pals for the ultimate showdown, fighting as the imaginary friends of little Timmy Bibble, within his unconscious mind!

Local multiplayer madness!

Grab some friends and let the chaos commence!
Frantic, fast-paced fun for 2-8 players!

A multitude of game modes!

Choose from a selection of tried and tested game modes,
or create your own from the advanced modifiers!

Procedural level generation!

With procedurally generated levels and unique content rules
for each world, you'll never play the same arena twice!

Adjustable game speeds!

Battle in super slow-mo, hyper-speed and everything inbetween.
Play slow and strategic or have a blind-panic twitch fest!

Transparent development!

Builds with new features and updates released regularly!
Watch the game come together as we're developing it!